We are well known for our carpet cleaning services. We offer a signature cleaning process that is unique and superior to others. Best of all we offer a quick drying process. The carpet dries in a matter of minutes, unlike other companies who leave your carpet wet for 3 or 4 hours, sometimes even days. 

Carpets will look better and last longer when they are cleaned on a regular basis. Protect your investment and your carpet. Regularly cleaned carpet can also aid in the health of your family. Carpet has the ability to trap and hold airborne house hold compounds as well as chemicals and debris that sink into your chemically contaminated carpet. Dust can be a significant source of chemical exposure of contaminates jfrom carpet dust because they frequently put their  hands in their mouths as they explore the world around them. 

We offer a hot water extraction method, the hot temperature of the water kills bacteria, dust mites, and other living organisms on contact while the powerful vacuum system removes dirt, pet dander, and other contaminates. 

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Pet Odor and Cleaning Services

Some odors can be treated when addressed quickly and can be alleviated with standard carpet cleaning. When pet urine socks through to the pad and flooring a more aggressive approach is needed. We use technology that will detect these problem areas and the level of contamination. The urine can be treated with special enzymes and in most cases the problem is taken care of. 

Pet Cleaning Techniques:

  • Odor control concentrates
  • Ozone treatment
  • Application by: Spray, Cleaning solutions, cold and hot fogger, and injections. 

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